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Tax Preparation vs
Tax Strategies

Tax preparation involves meeting current tax obligations through form completion and submission. In contrast, tax strategies focus on proactive planning to legally minimize tax liability, utilizing deductions, credits, and strategic financial decisions. Both are crucial, with tax preparation addressing immediate obligations and tax strategies optimizing long-term tax outcomes.


Tax Prep. + Tax Strategies




Our comprehensive advisory services provide expert guidance to help you make informed decisions and navigate complex financial landscapes.

Streamline your tax processes and ensure compliance with our tailored taxation services, minimizing liabilities and maximizing returns.

Develop a proactive and efficient tax strategy that aligns with your financial goals, optimizing your overall financial position.

Trust our experienced professionals to skillfully represent you before the IRS, ensuring a thorough and effective resolution to any tax-related matters.

Our 9 Step Process

New Client Consultation

We will set a meeting to introduce our workflow and team.

On Boarding Meeting

We will introduce our team and workflow

Upload Documents

Login to your Canopy account to upload your documents.

Review and Sign Date Set

R&S Date is set and you are provided a deadline to provide information and documentation uploaded documents before date.

Tax Preparation

A tax preparer prepares your tax return.

Tax Staff Review

We will review all the data input before we submit to Review and Sign and any revision will be done prior.

Review and Sign

1 week prior to Review and sign of your return with your tax preparer we will send out an invoice via the CANOPY system. This must be paid prior to this meeting.

Tax Filing

We electronically file your Return(s) via the IRS E-File system.

Tax Strategy and Planning

1. Tax Plan - We will provide a TAX PLAN document after completion of your return
2. Tax Check-up - Meeting with a tax strategist if needed. Additional fees apply
3. Tax Surgery - Meeting with Tax Strategist to design and implement an in depth custom plan & strategy. Additional fees apply.